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Stewartry Defib Project

This is a project that we ran in partnership with the Stewartry Community Safety Forum which was funded by the Voluntary Action Fund. Our aim was to improve the survival rates of those experiencing Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests in the Stewartry Area of Dumfries and Galloway. We set ourselves targets of training sixty volunteers in CPR and defibrillator familiarisation and locating public access defibrillators within 5 minutes distance of 90% of Stewartry population. Defib Training Funding the devices was another challenge as new defibrillators cost anywhere between £1000 and £1600. In sourcing a more cost effective alternative affordable to small community groups we were directed to a company called Medisales UK which sells items of medical equipment surplus to the use of various English Health Boards. The majority of these AEDs were Philips FR2s which came with good batteries and new pads. These came at a cost of £420 and with contributions from the Safety Forum communities were able to purchase them for £250. We commenced community training in April, 2014, and it soon became apparent that the scheme was going to prove popular with local community groups and that we would quickly meet our target of training sixty volunteers. In addition the local Rotary Clubs supported the initiative with Kirkcudbright providing two AEDs and Castle Douglas one. We engaged with Community Councils, Village Hall Committees, Rotary Clubs, Sports Clubs and WRI. In the twelve month period we trained over 340 volunteers who varied from school pupils to retired NHS surgeons. We carried out training in various community settings including schools, village halls and where appropriate, pubs. Basically we would deliver the training where it was requested.

Caroline Hornblow talks about assistance given by SCVS with the purchase of a defibrillator at Colvend Golf Club.

Iain Howie demonstrates how to you a defibrillator. 

Defibrillator use described in Polish. Użycie defibrylatora opisane w języku polskim.




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