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Stewartry Council of Voluntary Service

Stewartry Community Guardians

The importance of developing robust community resilience programmes to cannot be overstated.

However for such programmes to be truly effective they must extend beyond responding to major incidents such as flooding to include smaller tasks which fall out with the remit of the statuary sector but can prove critical in determining whether an individual has both the confidence and ability to maintain independent living. This is why we developed our Community Guardian Scheme. Funded by Awards for All, Robertson Trust and the Winnifred Kennedy Trust, we aim to recruit and train volunteers to carryout tasks which will improve the safety and financial security of the more vulnerable members of our community. Small tasks matter. Being prepared to change a dud bulb not only lightens a dark area but it also prevents a frail individual putting themselves at risks by attempting the task which can often result in serious accidents. Older people unfamiliar with new technolo

gy are deliberately targeted by thieves. Being willing to give appropriate advice is all it takes to prevent the vulnerable losing their savings. Equally important to emphasise that Community Guardians is not a befriending service. What we are merely trying to recreate is a level of community interaction which it existed in the not too distant past. Community Guardians does just this and makes our communities safer as a result.



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