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South West Scotland Sectarian Project

The South West Scotland Project was established through a grant received from the Voluntary Action Fund in November 2013. The project was initiated to look at how sectarianism affects community cohesion in Dumfries and Galloway, to work in local schools to deliver training on the issue and to work with local artists to develop an animated song and plays about the subject.

The project has carried out training at a number of secondary and primary schools across the region and also taken part in Operation Safety in Stranraer. This means that over 1000 school children have been involved in learning about sectarianism and how it impacts locally.

The project ran a song writing competition in conjunction with Burnsong and the winner was Ewan Manson from Glasgow who wrote a song called 'Dumb Ways to Think'. The song was chosen from 200 entries to the competition. The song was then animated by Jamie Fearns a graduate from the West of Scotland University and the resultant animation was posted on U Tube and has had over 700 views to date. Tragically Ewan was killed in an accident on holiday in summer 2015 but his legacy in relation to sectarianism will live on.

Another unexpected outcome from the project has been the development of Tolerance TV. This was devised during the song writing competition and separate funding was obtained from VAF to start the channel. It is aimed at a wide audience to look at all aspects of tolerance and intolerance and features a number of films of interviews with politicians and other people of interest including the playwright Des Dillon.

The latest piece of work we completed was working with Education Scotland, the Citizens Theatre, Youthlink Scotland and Mark Peberty to develop a secondary school learning journey on prejudice and sectarianism. It was a really enjoyable experience for us, doing the research for the script, planning and filming of the actors and editing the final films. We presented the final products at a national conference on sectarianism and they were very well received. (Images from the videos are shown at the side of the page)

The winning song from our song writing competition was written by Ewan Manson from Glasgow, who tragically died on holiday in 2015. The animated song is posted here in tribute to him.


 This project was completed at the end of funding from the Scottish Government.


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