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Safer Wheels 50+

Loneliness and social isolation is a major problem affecting the whole country with those areas with aged populations being particularly hard hit. The rural nature of the Stewartry with limited public transport exacerbates the issue resulting in many not interacting with other people for days at a time. Consequently the ability to drive is essential. It maintains one's independence and allows for social interaction with friends and family as well as carrying out other tasks such as shopping and attending appointments. 

With aging an individual's confidence can decline. No more is this more apparent with driving. When elderly people are involved in a driving incident they are far more likely to end their driving career than those who are younger. The purpose of our safer wheels 50 + programme is to address this issue by offering a self referral scheme where those over 50 can have their driving accessed in a non-judgemental fashion by a representative of the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists). 

At the completion of the drive participants are given tips on what they can do to improve their driving skills thereby extending their driving careers and making them safer drivers. 



Vivienne Scott talks about her experience on the project.




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