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Stewartry Council of Voluntary Service

SCVS response to Coronavirus pandemic

At SCVS we are working hard to maintain our services and face the challenge of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

One issue which you will appreciate is paramount for us is the health and well being of our staff and volunteers and to that end we have closed our offices in Kirkcudbright. We will reopen when government guidance is such that we can safeguard the health of our staff and volunteers. I stress that it is only our offices we are closing and we are still open for business.

Our staff and volunteers are determined to support our local community and if you are a current service user and require further work from SCVS or are looking for support or advice then do contact us by phone or email as detailed below.

Likewise, if  you have not worked with us before and you are seeking assistance then please contact us. We may not be able to assist you directly but we are fairly confident we can direct you to where you can receive the support you are seeking.

John Enos
Chair - Stewartry Council of Voluntary Service 

Please contact

Jenny Milby, Office Manager
Mobile: 07387 658177
Stewartry CVS is a registered SCIO, charity number SC014734